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January 2024 Newsletter

BOOST SALES with our 5 Top Locations for Digital Screens in Retail Stores
If you own or manage a retail store and want to find out how leveraging digital displays in key areas of your store can significantly enhance customer engagement, drive sales, and create a dynamic shopping experience, this newsletter is for you.

Read on below as we explore the 5 TOP LOCATIONS for digital screens in retail stores and how they can boost your sales by up to 30%.

1.) Aisle End Displays

Consider positioning smaller digital screens and digital shelf-edge displays showcasing targeted content at the end caps of high-traffic main aisles.
Typically, this content emphasises nearby items with a higher profit margin.

The primary reasons for utilising aisle end displays include:

  • The dynamic movement attracts consumers’ attention to the featured products, prompting them to pause and make impulse purchases.

  • Seize every opportunity to promote limited-time deals and exclusive prices associated with the products. Highlighting aisle end promotions creates the perception of a discounted product on the digital signage.

  • Visual merchandising facilitates quicker sales by instilling a sense of urgency in customers. It also streamlines the selling of discontinued or overstocked items, creating space for newer merchandise.

  • It’s crucial to maximise available spaces. As mentioned earlier, placing digital signage on aisle end caps can effectively grab customers’ attention and increase the likelihood of boosting sales.

2.) Storefront Entrance & Windows

Many retailers struggle with the challenge of capturing the attention of passers-by and increasing foot traffic to their stores. After all, how can you sell products if people don’t enter your stores? Fortunately, digital signage can address this challenge.

Did you know that 76% of customers enter
stores they’ve never visited before due to
the placement of digital signage?

By incorporating digital signage at your storefront entrance and windows, you can achieve the following:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your promotions by using captivating animations and vibrant colours to stand out from the competition.

  • Capture the attention of passers-by with visually striking displays, creating a wow-factor and enticing them to explore your store offerings.

  • Make timely updates with real-time data, tailoring deals and offers to seize every customer-purchasing opportunity.

  • Boost brand awareness and convey a modern vibe, signaling that your business stays up to date with the latest trends.

  • Ensure that your screens showcase your products in an aesthetically pleasing manner, whether through engaging product videos or images of product lines. This approach will instantly engage visitors or passers-by.

3.) Checkout Counter

Another ideal location for digital signage is near the checkout area.

Digital signage has been proven to
reduce perceived wait time by over 35%.

Not only can you distract customers from the wait while in line, but you can also leverage this opportunity to up-sell by triggering impulse purchases with exclusive promotions they can’t resist.

This can be achieved by employing a video wall or installing multiple digital displays on the back wall of your checkout counters. In limited spaces, consider utilising small digital table-top displays or free-standing kiosks to achieve the same purpose.

4.) Other High-Traffic Areas

This encompasses changing rooms, elevators, escalators, and other distinctive areas in your store. While these areas are often overlooked, customers frequently pass through them. For instance, place digital signage near changing room entrances to inform customers about your exclusive return policy, excellent merchandise guarantee, and any information that aids quick, informed decisions.

Consider installing kiosks near elevators or escalators to keep customers informed about store specials. This strategic placement increases the likelihood of motivating purchases and boosting overall sales.

5.) Employee Areas and Break Rooms

Digital signs don’t always have to be customer-facing. Use digital signage to inform, engage, and inspire your staff in work areas and break rooms.

Since staff members retreat to the break room for breaks, this space offers the best chance to capture their undivided attention. With the ability to make updates as needed, ensure your staff always has access to the latest notices for informed decision-making. Additionally, leverage these boards to enhance staff morale by displaying inspiring content.

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