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Communicate your Ideas with Our Indoor LED & LCD Signage

Digital displays including Indoor LED & LCD Signage are all about communication… and understanding the rapidly developing range of products available to communicate your message is our job.

eXdigital can supply LED, LCD or OLED digital displays for indoor or outdoor use. Digital screens can be single- or double-sided and can display up to HD or Ultra HD 4K resolution. Our displays are IP rated to suit the indoor environment.

As with all digital signage, the ability to update content at the touch of a button means no more print costs or print delivery waiting times. 

Have peace of mind with a company that has been around for more than 40 years and has been at the forefront of the digital signage revolution. We have warranties ranging from 2-5 years dependent upon the product selection and operating environment.

Indoor Digital Signage is Ideal for:

  • Businesses with prominent window frontage
  • Car Dealerships, Trade Shows, Transportation hubs
  • Retail Stores, Supermarkets and Shopping Centres
  • Stadiums, Music Festivals and large Undercover Events

Real Simple Statistics

  • Shoppers prefer to visit a store with LED signs and are likely to spend up to 30%* more time in those stores
  • Digital signs are 3 times* more effective for selling a specific item than a static sign
  • Digital POS signs increases the average purchase amount by up 29.5%*
  • Digital POS signs decrease perceived wait time by more than 35%*

    *Digital Signage Statistics 2023

eXdigital LCD Screen Specifications

  • Our LCD screen size extends to 110 inch
  • Accurate true-to-life colour
  • Enhanced graphics performance and content security with Android software
  • Uninterrupted operations without any risk of distracting burn-in or colour variation
  • Flexible portrait/landscape configurations with a minimalistic bezel design
  • Available with Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G functionality
  • Businesses can customise the display configuration to meet unique operational needs and reach the widest audience possible without any hassle

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