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Digital LED Screens for Sports & Events

Large and small sporting venues – race courses, sports centres, motorsports circuits, running tracks – are expensive places to run.  Many have consequently evolved into multi-functional venues, catering in addition for concerts, conventions, festivals, competitions and shows.

Today’s fans and concert-goers have smartphones in their pockets, and HD or even Ultra HD/4K televisions at home – and are demanding a live experience that at least matches the one they would receive from their armchairs.

Give spectators the experience of a lifetime

Venue owners and managers are responding to these demands by embracing the digital signage revolution with the help of eXdigital’s wide range of Digital LED Screens for Sports and Events venues:

Digital stadium screens – these large-format LED display and broadcast screens are used to transmit live action and replays from the field.  Content can be overlaid with scoring, safety messages and corporate branding. The screens can be leased.

LCD totems and fixed screens – these are increasingly being used in fan zones to deliver information, branding and advertising.  With content that’s easily and quickly updatable, they are driving sales in restaurants, bars, club shops, etc.  Interactive touch screen kiosks and wayfinders are also found in pedestrianised areas and car parks.

Digital perimeter screens – available in pitch-side and tier versions, perimeter LED screens are used to deliver national and local advertising and branding, plus corporate messages – and to promote other events.  Such displays are now substantial revenue generators at football, rugby, cricket, horse racing, motorsport and similar venues nationwide. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues eXdigital’s Sports Perimeter LED displays are a modular design allowing for simple assembly and flexibility in sizing.

Digital menu boards – increasingly used in restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars, these LCD screens can be updated in seconds, and are configurable to display periodical promotional and other messages.

eXdigital offers affordable package deals with finance options for every size and type of digital screen in every size and type of sports venue. You let us worry about your crowd while you enjoy the game. Enquire to us today to find out more.

Have peace of mind with a two-year warranty and a company that has been around for over 40 years and has been at the forefront of the digital signage revolution.

Do you know the difference between DIP vs SMD technology?

DIP screens have a separate LED (R, G, B) for each of the three main colours: Red, Green, and Blue. Some have an extra red LED, forming one square pixel from four lights. SMD LED screens usually use 3-in-1’s, which are smaller and thinner. This means more brightness and a higher resolution, making the colours more vivid and the picture sharp. Taking this into consideration, eXdigital uses SMD technology to produce the best results.

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Real Simple Statistics

  • LED signs are the most cost-effective advertising medium in terms of CPM
  • 83 percent of sports fans say they check their social networks while watching games live and in person, LED signs offer great crowd engagement by integrating live social media feeds.

 Outdoor LED Screen 3in1 SMD Specifications

P8 3in1 SMD P10 3in1 SMD P12 3in1 SMD P16 3in1 SMD
Pixel Pitch ¹ 8mm 10mm  12.5mm  16mm
LED Brand ² Epistar LED Chips Epistar LED Chips Epistar LED Chips Epistar LED Chips
Maximum Brightness ³ > 7,000 cd/m² > 6,500 cd/m² > 6,500 cd/m² > 6,000 cd/m²
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
Pixel Density ⁴ 15,625 Pixels/m² 10,000 Pixels/m² 6,400 Pixels/m² 3,906 Pixels/m²
Best Viewing Distance ⁵ 8m ~ >400m
(26ft ~ >1300ft)
10m ~ >400m
(32ft ~ >1300ft)
11m ~ >400m
(36ft ~ >1300ft)
12m ~ >400m
(39ft ~ >1300ft)

¹ The distance between each LED module, the lower the number the clearer the sign will look up close
² The world’s premier supplier of LED technologies
³ The higher the number the brighter the sign
⁴ The higher the number the sharper the image
⁵ The minimum distance from the sign for best viewing experience

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Digital Scoreboard for Sports Club.