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Benefits of Digital Signage

  • Digital signs are 86% more effective in generating brand awareness than traditional signs
  • 55% who saw a digital sign could recall the specific advertisement message
  • 19% of consumers have made an unplanned impulse purchase after seeing an advertisement on a digital sign
  • Digital signs are 100 times more effective in motivating customers to action compared to a static sign
  • shoppers prefer to visit a store with LED signs and are likely to spend more time in those stores
  • Digital signs are 3 times more effective for selling a specific item than a static sign
  • Digital POS signs increase sales
  • Digital POS signs decrease perceived wait time
  • LED signs are the most cost-effective advertising medium in terms of CPM
  • LED signs bring small businesses new customers
  • Small businesses recommend LED signs to others
  • LED signs are more environmentally friendly than traditional print signs and are power efficient
  • eXdigital signs allow businesses and organisations to reach more of their target audience
  • eXdigital signs are provide flexible advertising and allow for videos and images
  • eXdigital signs have been shown to increase sales and customer engagement
  • Schools – connect more with families, cost effective, easy to update, display notices and achievements, improve your schools appearance
  • Sporting organisations – greater flexibility than traditional signs, useful for advertisements and sponsors, scoreboards, better crowd engagement